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Outsourced HR Services

Our outsourced HR consultancy and advice services options cover all your requirements, from telephone and e-mail advice and consultancy subscription services, to a range of full on-site, hands-on solutions, so we won't just tell you how to carry out a difficult investigation, hearing or staff consultation exercise - we'll work alongside you as part of your business.

We know how important it is for owner managed and smaller businesses to keep a tight rein on costs, so our outsourced HR subscriptions start small and can run for as little as six months, to ensure that you can be confident you'll never be committing more of your resources than you need to keep control of your HR agenda - and if your needs increase, you can simply upgrade your subscription.

Our fee structures are based on the time you need from us - not on the number of staff you employ, so whether you have 10 staff or 100, you won't pay a penny more for our on-site support and advice, and for our outsourced HR consultancy and advice services subscribers, access to the CHR Documents Shop is completely free during your subscription period - just another way we help to save you money and add value to your business.

When you choose Cambridge Human Resources as your outsourced HR provider we'll cover all your HR needs - just as though you had your own HR department:

Recruiting and resourcing: We'll make sure your recruitment processes are best practice, from advert to appointment and help you find the right people for the job

Managing your people: We'll ensure you get the best from your staff, using innovative, best practice HR solutions and coaching you and your managers in applying them

Managing through change: We'll support you through your change projects and programmes from design to delivery, bringing our wealth of change and project management experience and expertise along with us 

Developing your people: We'll give your people the management skills training and coaching they need to tackle the issues that you face now as well as the ones you will face in the future

Growing your business: Whether you're employing people for the first time or taking the opportunity to expand your workforce to deliver more business, we'll help you to grow and tackle the challenges that you'll face along the way

Find our more about the range of outsourced HR consultancy and advice services options we have available, or contact us today to discuss your needs in greater detail.